Cancellation for an existing order on can only be processed within 24 HOURS from when the order was initially placed. Within this grace period, please contact TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM with the email connected to your Kpoptickets account that you placed the order with, in order to verify that you're the original purchaser. 

Failure to contact TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM within 24 hours of placing the order will make you ineligible for cancellation. If the order has successfully been canceled, please wait 5-7 business days for the amount to be credited back to you and to appear in your statement.


All sales on are final unless the event has been canceled or you contacted us within the 24 hour grace period for cancellation. After the grace period has passed, the order cannot be canceled. 

Refunds are automatically issued to the original payment method used to make the purchase. We can not change the form of payment. 

In the scenario where event needs to be canceled, we will be transparent in communicating all information and will provide directions for the refund process to ticket holders. Please refrain from contacting us, as our team will insure each ticket holder has been contacted to process refunds systematically. If you don't hear from us within 5 business days of event cancellation, please contact our customer support as your email may be rejecting our emails. 

The only time refunds are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance is if you buy a Top Tier Ticket to an existing concert in order to take advantage of an EARLY ACCESS sale for an upcoming tour. This is further explained on our FAQ under EARLYA ACCESS and Question #2.

Entry requirements are made aware to the attendees in ample amount via notifications during and after ticket purchase. Entry requirements are found HERE. Any attendees that fail to comply to our entry rules will be denied entry without refund.

Check-In time for ticket holders are communicated thoroughly and we are under obligation to strictly enforce time schedules. Show day schedule is provided through our social media platforms notifying fans when they should start arriving to get Checked In. Any ticket holders that miss fan engagements due to arriving late and missing Check-In will not be eligible for refund as Check-In time window, especially for Top Tier Check-In, gives fans ample time. As notified within the ticket description before check out: Follow our social media platforms in order to stayed updated about the show and tour. ALL information will be posted across our social media pages such as concert day schedules and immediate updates. If you do not follow us on social media, you will not be up to date on any information we release about the tour.

Inquiries to TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM regarding ticket cancellation/refunds for canceled events should only be for purchases made through

If you purchased tickets through external vendor ticket platforms, please contact the ticketing platform's customer support where you purchased your ticket from for any direct questions regarding your order.


We are not responsible, and no refunds will take place if the purchaser does not tune into the show or missed a partial amount. If you experience technical difficulties, customer service assistance is available before, during and after the show via email : TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM or Facebook messages. We cannot assist you with any issues regarding the event, including technical difficulties, if you contact us after the event is over.

Purchasers are responsible to check the date and time of the Event. We recommend using Google to check the time conversion for your country if you live international.


Exchanges can take place if attendee wishes to exchange their purchased ticket to the highest tier (Top Tier) for said event. Top Tier differs per event, information regarding ticket tiers for respective event can be located within the event's promotional poster.


Please contact TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM with the email connected to your Kpoptickets account that you placed the order with, in order to verify that you're the original purchaser and provide the order number you would like to exchange.

After verification has taken place and exchange request has been approved, our customer support team would THEN communicate that you may purchase the Top Tier ticket you would like to exchange your original ticket for.

Once we have verified the order has taken place, your lower tier ticket would then be refunded. Please wait 5-7 business for the amount to be credited back to you and to appear in your statement.

Exchange request are DENIED if the purchase of Top Tier ticket was made before our customer support approval. If Top Tier tickets are sold out, exchanges can not take place.


If a show gets cancelled, we’ll issue a full refund automatically to the original payment method used to make the purchase. If your order contains tickets for other events, you will ONLY be refunded for the canceled events, as tickets for upcoming events are not eligible for refund.

If you purchased tickets through an external vendor's ticketing platform that's not Kpoptickets, please contact the ticketing platform's customer support, where you purchased your ticket from, for inquiries about the canceled event and the refund process. Fans must comply to their ticketing policy as the terms and conditions on this page is only for purchases made on  

In case of rescheduled shows, tickets will be automatically reassigned for the rescheduled shows with the same tier and seat / queue. If the rescheduled show takes place at different venue, we will assign your seat to be as similar as your previous seating and inform you of your new seat number.

We will communicate all information for postponed event and/or the refund process for canceled events to ticket holders.


Early Access perks are non-transferrable. To obtain Early Access status you must purchase a Top Tier ticket (Highest tier for said event) with your Kpoptickets account. (e.g. If someone else buys a Top Tier ticket for you with their account, your account does not receive Early Access status as it was not purchased with your account)

To verify if you have Early Access status or any inquiry regarding Early Access, contact our customer support: EARLYACCESS@KPOPTICKETS.COM

We highly encourage you to purchase your order through your own Kpoptickets account to ensure a smooth Check-In process and avoid any complications. 


We have recently moved our website to a more stable platform in order to ensure network stability. If you already have an existing Kpoptickets account, you need to ACTIVATE IT in order to be registered on our new website. You MUST activate your pre-existing account to our new website in order to see ALL your past and current purchases you've ever made on

If you DO NOT activate your account on our new website, you will not be able to see any past purchases and will no longer have an account associated with our site. If you wish to make a purchase in the future you will have to make a brand new account on the website, and lose any EARLY ACCESS benefits you previously had.

Kpoptickets is not responsible if you lose previous account and any perks that your account previously had as we have notified fans multiple time through multiple platforms. Early Access status can not be given to new account as no Top Tier ticket order was placed with the new account.

If you have not activated your account yet, please contact TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM with the email connected to your Kpoptickets account in order to verify your owner of the Kpoptickets account. Our customer support once they have received your email, will send you a NEW activation link in order to be registered in our new website.



Once customers’ package has been packed and processed, tracking information will be provided to the customer.

International packages may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, tariff, VAT, fees, etc imposed by destination. 

Such additional charges cannot be anticipated as it differs per country. Customer should inform themselves of the possible additional charges such as custom/duties fees, etc. by verifying with their local post office and customs office. Kpoptickets only provides the transportation fee (Shipping) for the order.

Kpoptickets is not held liable or responsible for any additional charges that may apply, incorrect shipping info, stolen packages, mis-delivery errors via carrier and not held responsible for abandoned packages as the customer hasn’t paid the customs/duties fee. If the customer inputted an incorrect address during check out, it's the customer responsibility to notify our customer support TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM before the order has been fulfilled. Once the item has left our warehouse, Kpoptickets can not further assist as it's under the selected shipping carrier's control.

In failure to pay the additional charges, abandoned packages, incorrect shipping address inputted during check out, outdated shipping address and, the package arrives back to Kpoptickets warehouse, such order is not redeemable for full refund and it’s the customer’s responsibility to cover the new shipping cost if they wish to have a second delivery attempt.  

Once the package has been packed, processed and left our warehouse, Kpoptickets is not responsible and is recommended to contact shipping carrier regarding any deliver notice. Kpoptickets is not responsible for any damage as a result due to delivery, please contact shipping carrier to file a claim. 

Tracking information is sent once package is ready to be ship. Customer is responsible to stay on top of any notice notified within tracking information, in case shipping carrier sends any notice regarding pick up, shipping arrival, import fees, delivery failure, etc.

It's the recipient responsibility to be fully aware of the selected carrier and delivery option they picked during Check-out, to fully understand the services that are provided as certain option differ depending if you reside outside of the United States such as tracking, contact, etc. (e.g. International customers who select USPS first class will stop receiving any notification regarding their package once it leaves the U.S boarder. Further explanation can be found USPS site)


For further information check out: FAQ HERE