Oncast Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ONCAST?

ONCAST is a series of online video contents produced by Studio PAV. There are various types of ONCAST and ONCAST LIVE including fanmeets or live shows.  

2. I am not located in the USA. Can I watch ONCAST events?

Yes. Our ONCAST events are online and available all over the world as long as you have stable internet service. 

How to Watch

3. Where can I access the ONCAST events? 

The streaming events will be available on our ONCAST page at KPOPTICKETS.COM once you click on the respective ticketing page for your event.  

4. Can I watch on my phone? 

Yes, you may view the stream on your mobile devices but it is highly recommended to be watched on a computer/laptop with a stable internet connection wired or wireless for best performance. 



5. Where can I buy tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased directly from the website, kpoptickets.com on the ONCAST page. You will see a selection of the current ONCAST events available for purchase.  

6. What are the benefits? 

It depends on the event, most events will allow the general benefit of access to stream with or without VOD. In some cases there might be additional benefits depending on event. More information about benefits will be detailed in the specific event FAQ under the ticketing page.  

7. How can I buy tickets for more than one person? 

You can purchase multiple ONCAST Tickets by adding more to your cart or increasing the number of tickets. You will receive the number of Access Codes as you bought to watch the live from multiple sources!  

8. Where are my tickets? 

There are no physical tickets. You will receive an order confirmation by email and later an Access Code will be sent out via E-Mail by a separate email. Make sure to check all your different email folders and locate the email containing a unique code.  

9. Where can I find any information about the event?

Any and all updates and information about the show will be posted on our SNS so please be sure t follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Accounts. All information regarding how the event works and what you need to do as a fan to participate will be sent out via email about 1 week before the event. We will make a post on our social media when those emails have been sent out. 

10. What if I lost my Access Code? 

Access Code is not redeemable or reusable once generated. You must keep it safe to log onto for streaming. If you cannot find it, you need to buy it again.  

11. Can I share my access code? 

No, only one viewer will be able to be logged in to view the stream at one time. Trying to login / reuse the access code will NOT work. Please be careful not to share your Access Code. Once it is used to log in, you will not be able to log in with the same Access Code.  


12. What is the VOD and how can I watch it? 

The VOD is a direct replay of the event, and will be available in about 1~2 weeks after the event ends. There may be some editing due to production and copyright. We will make a post when we send out the Access Codes to VOD Ticket Holders. If you watched the live stream of the concert, you DO NOT need another code. Just log into your ONCAST Account to go and watch the VOD as your Live Stream Code will give you Access to see it.

13. How and when will I receive the items included in my ticket purchase?

ONCAST Tickets can include merchandise items such as signed poster, signed album among other items. All items must be shipped to Studio PAV from Korea once artist management is finished and items are created AFTER THE EVENT. You will have to be patient in receiving your items as we cannot give an exact time of delivery. We will make a post via SNS when shipping for an event has begun!

14. Where will my package be shipped?

When you purchase your ticket, we ask for your Shipping Address. Your package is sent to the same Shipping Address you entered when placing your order. Studio PAV is not at fault if you enter the incorrect shipping address. If your package is lost in the mail due to this issue or a problem within USPS, Studio PAV is not at fault. Once the package leaves our office, we are no longer responsible.




General Frequently Asked Questions For In-Person Concerts


1. What are VVIP, VIP, VIP Special, and General Tickets?

Answer: They are different types of ticket tiers, which vary in price, benefit and quantity.


2. What is considered a Top Tier Ticket?

Answer: Top Tier Ticket means the most expensive ticket for the
show. VVIP or VIP is the usual name for our Top Tier Tickets.


3. Where can I buy a Top Tier Ticket?

Answer: Top Tier Tickets are sold EXCLUSIVELY on our ticketing website www.kpoptickets.com.


4. How do I get my Top Tier Ticket?

Answer: There are NO tickets to be mailed out. After you purchase your
Top Tier Ticket you will receive a confirmation email with your order
number. All you need to do is bring that confirmation email and a photo
ID to the venue on the day of the show to receive your credentials.


5. I can't find my confirmation email, what do I do?

Answer: First try checking your spam/ promotion/ junk folder for an
email from Tickets@StudioPAV.com If you cannot locate it, please email
tickets@studiopav.com with your registered kpoptickets.com email and
include your full name and order number (you can locate the order number
by signing into your kpoptickets account under MY ORDERS).


6. What Benefits do you offer?

Answer: Ticket Tier Benefits vary depending on each tour. Make sure to read the description before purchasing!
b. Benefits may include Fansign, Hi Touch, Group Photo, Concert
Badge Lanyard, first to enter the venue, NO LINE Rule and more!


7. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Answer: All Ticket Sales are FINAL; non refundable non transferable.


8. How can I update the pick up name on my order?

Answer: For purchases bought at kpoptickets.com, you can request to
update the pick-up name by emailing tickets@StudioPAV.com with your
order number in the subject line (Make sure you are using the correct
kpoptickets.com account when requesting.) Once confirmed, a new order
confirmation will be sent to you.


9. What is EARLY ACCESS?

Answer: EARLY ACCESS is a privilege for existing users of
KpopTickets.com who have previously bought a Top Tier Ticket. These
qualified users can buy Top Tier Tickets before public sales for all our
future tours.
EARLY ACCESS is only eligible for the kpopticket account that has
bought top tier tickets before. Using someone else's kpoptickets account
to buy top tier tickets will not allow for your kpoptickets account to
be eligible.


10. What is the NO LINE Rule?

Answer: Our NO LINE Rule prevents any overnight lines from happening
because Top Tier Ticket Holders enter the venue according to their Queue
Number. It is NOT a first come first serve basis. This rule applies for
all shows i. Top Tier Ticket Holders follow the NO LINE Rule

11. What are Queue Numbers?

Answer: Queue Numbers are determined by when you bought your Top Tier
Ticket. The earlier you buy your Ticket, the better your queue number
will be!


12. How do I get my Queue Number?

Answer: Queue numbers will be emailed out to all Top Tier Ticket Holders about two weeks before the start of the tour.


13. I can't find the email containing my queue number, what do I do?

Answer: Make sure you check your inbox/spam folder for an email from
tickets@studiopav.com. If you still cant find it then please email
tickets@studiopav.com with your full name, city of the show you're
attending, and your order number.




Answer: Follow all our SNS platforms! We post announce
everything you need to know about our upcoming shows so following us is a


15. Why are the Facebook Event Page's important?

Answer: Following your city's Facebook Event Page is vital for the
show! This is where we post important information specific to your city
including the Group Photos taken before the concert! Who knows maybe you
will find your future K-Pop buddy through the event page!


16. Where can I find the Concert Day Schedule?

Answer: The Concert Day Schedule for each city will be posted a
couple weeks before the start of our tour, make sure you follow us on
SNS and the Facebook event page you are attending!


17. How do the lines work?

Answer: Top Tier Ticket Holders line up according to queue numbers.
The other ticket tiers enter the venue on a first come first serve


18. What do I do when I get to the venue?

Answer: Top Tier Ticket Holders will arrive at check in time with
their order confirmation and ID. The best way to know where you stand in
line is to ask around the other Top Tier ticket holders what their
number is to organize where you should be standing in line. This will
minimize time to enter the venue.
b. If you do not know your queue number we recommend to arrive
a little earlier; staff will have a list and can assist.
c. Before check in time, staff will come outside to help
organize all the ticket tier lines and then proceed to go down the line
to check everyone in.


19. How do I pick up my Pre-Ordered Merchandise

Answer: Have your confirmation email on hand with the order number
visible. Staff will go down the line for anyone who needs to pick up
merchandise. Once you sign off you have picked up that completes the


20. When are the Fan Engagements or Meet & Greets?

Answer: Meet Greets vary depending on the tour. Some occur
before or after the concert. Make sure to check the concert day schedule
for the exact time. Recording and photography during the Meet
Greets are strictly prohibited.


21. What is a Fansign?

Answer: The Fansign Event is a benefit where the fan receives a
personal signature by the artist while having the chance to talk to


22. Can I bring a gift for the artist?

Answer: The artists only accept small letters due to their busy schedules and traveling.


23. What is a Hi Touch and Group Photo?

Answer: Hi Touch is when you high five each member. The group photo
is when you and a group of fans take a picture with the artist group.


24. How many people are in the Group Photo?

Answer: How many people in the group photo vary each tour. There are typically 10-12 fans per photo.


25. Where can I find my Group Photo?

Answer: Groups Photos will be posted in each city's respective Facebook Event Page about 1 week after the whole tour!



26. Can I bring my camera?

Answer: DSLRs, Point and Shoot, Polaroid, and any professional
cameras with detachable lenses and camcorders are prohibited into the
venue. If you are unsure wither to bring your camera or not, we say play
it safe and leave it at home.


27. What is the Pick-A-Pose Snapshot Session?

Answer: This is a fan favorite offered only by Studio PAV! The
Pick-A-Pose Snapshot Session is where any Ticket Tier can take a 1 on 1
instant picture with the members of the artist group.


28. Is the picture with the actual idol?

Answer: Yes, the instant photo is with the real life idol!


29. Where can I buy Snapshot Tickets?

Answer: Snapshot Tickets are sold separately from Concert Tickets and sold exclusively at www.kpoptickets.com
b. Take advantage of our ONLINE ONLY Snapshot Bundle! This is not available for purchase at the venue


30. Can I buy Snapshot Tickets at the venue?

Answer: A limited amount of Snapshot Tickets will be sold at the venue AFTER the show.


31. How is the instant photo taken?

Answer: The pictures are taken by our staff with a FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera!


32. Can I take the picture on my cell phone instead?

Answer: No, the pictures are only taken by our staff with a FujiFilm
Instax Mini Camera! Filming and photography is strictly prohibited
during the Snapshot Session


33. Can I do whatever pose I want for the picture?

Answer: When Snapshot Tickets go on sale, we release the poses for
each idol! You may only choose from the poses we offer and can not make
up your own or ask to do something different.


34. Am I allowed to hug the artists?

Answer: No, there is absolutely NO HUGGING or inappropriate contact with the artist


35. How do I get my Pre-Ordered Snapshot Tickets?

Answer: After you purchase your snapshot tickets you will receive a
confirmation email containing an order number. There are no physical
tickets to be mailed out. Bring your confirmation email and a photo ID
to the venue on the day of the show to pick up your Snapshot Tickets
during Check-In


36. When is the Snapshot Session?

Answer: The Snapshot Session is AFTER the concert.


37. How does the Pick-A-Pose Snapshot Session work?

Answer: After the show, wait in a member's line for the Snapshot Session to begin
b. While waiting Pick-A-Pose you'd like to do with a member from out SNS pages (@studio_pav)
c. If you want to do multiple poses with one member, you do them all at once when it's your turn
d. When you reach the photographer tell them your pose(s)
e. After your photo the photographer will give you your photo,
DO NOT TOUCH the surface while it's developing, it may cause damage.
f. If you have more tickets for other members, head to the back
of their line and repeat the process until you have no more tickets


38. My picture came out really bad, can I get a retake?

Answer: If your instant photo came out too dark or blurry you may ask
the photographer who took the picture if you can get a retake. If they
deem it problematic, you use that instant photo as your snapshot ticket
to take a new picture. However, once you leave the venue it is too late
to replace that photo.


Your question is still not answered? You may contact us by email
with the following email address according to the topic of your
- Tickets@STUDIOPAV.com : All inquiries about tickets or tours
- CS@KPOPTICKETS.com : general questions or inquiries on kpoptickets.com
- EarlyAccess@STUDIOPAV.com : dedicated customer service for EARLY ACCESS including checking eligibility
- HR@STUDIOPAV.com : Sending resume or job application
- INFO@STUDIOPAV.com : general inquiries on corporate including business proposal

All FAQ answers are subject to change depending on the concert and production.