Welcome to new and improved KPOPTICKETS.COM!

We have recently moved servers for a faster and more efficient service for fans! 
If you are BRAND NEW to our website and have NEVER created an Account before on kpoptickets.com, then simply Create an Account and begin purchasing!
If you already have an existing kpoptickets account, you need to ACTIVATE IT in order to be registered on our new website! You MUST activate your pre-existing account to our new website in order to see ALL your past and current purchases you've ever made on kpoptickets.com.
Please see the steps you need to follow outlined below in order to activate your account. If you have not received the Activation Email mentioned, please contact tickets@studiopav.com for assistance.

How to activate account

1. Check your Inbox/Spam/Promotions Folder for an email about activating your account on our new website!

2. Click the Activate your Account button

3. A window will open and ask you to create a password for your account

4. Enter a new Password and click ACTIVATE

5. Your account has now been activated and you should see your order history

If you DO NOT activate your account on our new website, you will not be able to see any past purchases and will no longer have an account associated with our site. If you wish to make a purchase in the future you will have to make a brand new account on the website, and lose any EARLY ACCESS benefits you previously had.