Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

1. What and when is ONCAST Live – VAV Worldwide Fanmeet? 

  • ONCAST Live – VAV Worldwide Fanmeet is an online and interactive fan meet style concert which will be live streamed on August 8, 2020 8PM EDT / 5PM PDT. You can expect to see live performances, games, live audience screen viewing, Q&A, granting fan’s wish and more 


2. Why are you hosting ONCAST Live – VAV Worldwide Fanmeet? 

  • We are hosting ONCAST Live – VAV Worldwide Fanmeet as a courtesy for VAMPZ who have been waiting for a long time to see VAV due to the rescheduling of VAV GRAND AMERICA TOUR. 


3. I am not located in the USA. Can I watch ONCAST Live – VAV Worldwide Fanmeet? 

  • Yes. This is an online event available all over the world as long as you have stable internet service. 


Disclaimer: Recording, Streaming, Distributing, or Reciprocating ONCAST Live content is a direct violation of copyright  


How to Watch

4. Where can I access the livestream? 

  • The show will be available on our ONCAST Live Page at Kpoptickets.com!


5. How can I see the stream / use my access code?   

  1. Go to Kpoptickets.com and the KPOPLIVE.TV button at the top menu.
  2. Select the event you want to watch.
  3. Once you click on the button to live stream it will open a new window where you must register an account. This account will allow you to have access for the VOD once it is released for up to 3 months. Make sure to keep the credentials to watch the VOD later. We recommend to use the same email as your kpoptickets.com if you have any inquiries in the future.

6. Can I watch on my phone? 

  • Yes, you may view the stream on your phone but it is highly recommended to be watched on a computer/laptop for best performance 



7. Where do I buy tickets? 

  • Tickets can be purchased directly from the website, Kpoptickets.com 

For VAV Online Fanmeet, there is (1) ticket type available 

General ($30 or Free for Past and Current Ticket Holders of VAV GRAND AMERICA TOUR) 

-       Access to live concert 

-       VOD Replay (3 Months from release) 


8. Can I purchase the Benefits separately? 

  • No, these benefits are only available for our current VVIP VAV GRAND AMERICA TOUR ticket holders who have yet to attend the show! 


9. How can I buy tickets for more than one person? 

  • You can purchase multiple ONCAST Live Online Tickets by adding more to your cart or increasing the number of tickets. You will receive the number of Access Codes as you bought to watch the live from multiple sources! 


10. Where are my tickets? 

  • Tickets will be sent out via E-Mail. Make sure to check all your different folders and locate the email containing a unique code!


Fan Engagement (Current VVIP Only)

11. Zoom Call

: Become a part of the live stage! Join a video call and be displayed in the background alongside the group members for them and all viewers to see! 


12. Q&A

: Wanted to ask your favorite idols a question? Their favorite food? Funniest moment? This is a chance for fans to submit questions that can get selected to be answered by the idols themselves! 


13. Fan’s Wish

: An exclusive benefit that is unique to each Fan! A chance for your wish to be granted by your favorite idol in a live environment! 


14. Online Snapshot

: Online Snapshots is a way for you to take a selfie with each of the VAV members through our app. Similar to Pick-A-Pose ‘Snapshots’ each member will have different poses and you can choose the pose to take a selfie with! 



15. What is the VOD and how can I watch it? 

  • The VOD is a direct replay of the live concert, and will be available about a 1 ~ 2 weeks after the show ends. There may be some editing due to production and copyright. It will then be available for a 3 month duration for all customers. 


16. Can I share my access code? 

  • No, only one viewer will be able to be logged in to view the stream at one time. Trying to login / reuse the access code will NOT work. 


17. The video is bad quality when I opened it?

  • Please give the video some time to adjust to your network strength - or you can open the quality selector on the bottom left and wait for it to adjust.


18. I was asked to enter my access code a second time?

  • If you have ALREADY registered and successfully put in your access code before, then just close the prompt asking for an additional access code. Then your video should continue to play.


19. I forgot my email or password?

  • Email tickets@studiopav.com for assistance! We will be able to reset your email or password.


Make sure that you are NOT sharing your account and have a good, strong internet connection. Fullscreen Mode may lower quality due to the increase of scale to the video player.

If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns, please email tickets@studiopav.com and we will get back to you ASAP!


Your question is still not answered? You may contact us by email
with the following email address according to the topic of your
- Tickets@StudioPAV.com : All inquiries about tickets or tours
- Tickets@StudioPAV.com : general questions or inquiries on kpoptickets.com
- Tickets@StudioPAV.com : dedicated customer service for EARLY ACCESS including checking eligibility
- HR@studiopav.com : Sending resume or job application
- INFO@StudioPAV.com : general inquiries on corporate including business proposal

All FAQ answers are subject to change depending on the concert and production.