Los Angeles - Cravity Snapshot Tickets


Ticket Limits: There is a 3 ticket total limit per member

Event Date 

[After the Concert] June 25


Avalon Hollywood


Our fan favorite signature Pick-A-Pose Snapshot Session is exclusively offered by Studio PAV! Our Snapshot Session is where ANY Ticket Holder can take a 1 on 1 instant picture with your favorite artist.

Fans will be able to pick one pose for a chosen artist member per Snapshot ticket and the picture will be taken on our polaroid camera.

Snapshot Tickets are sold separately and available to purchase for any ticket holder!


Purchasing a ticket from kpoptickets.com - you are agreeing to abide by our terms, conditions, etc. For further detail, please see the following: Terms & Conditions   

Anyone with orders that exceed the strict limit of 3 Snapshot tickets per member, per city will NOT be able to redeem or use their tickets on the day of show AND you will also be ineligible to receive a refund for those tickets.

Have questions about the tour? Check out our FAQ or email tickets@studiopav.com 

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