1. VVIP Ticket Holders start lining up in Queue Number Order designated at the time designated on our Concert Day Schedule. 
2. Staff will repeatedly walk through the line to make sure everyone is in order and there is NO cutting.
  • NOTE: If you want to stand with your friend who is a lower queue number, the HIGHER queue number needs to move BACK to the lower queue number. The lower queue number CANNOT move forward and cut the line
3. Doors will open ~30 minutes before the fan engagements so we can start letting people inside and organizing everyone to prepare.
4. Once everyone is inside fans will follow staff directions so you know where to go. 
5. For the Fansign, you will walk up to a Staff who will give you the Poster. If you have an album please take the poster anyway. The boys will be sitting at a table with sharpies. Once the first member sitting at the table is available you will step up to them and hand them your poster or album. You will repeat this for all 5 members and then go back to your place in line.
6. The members will only be accepted FAN LETTERS. Items other than Fan Letter will NOT be accepted!
7. Once everyone goes through the Fansign, staff will breakdown the tables and chairs and set up quickly for the Hello Session and Group Photo while fans wait.


1. Very similar to the Fansign, once staff and the artist is ready, staff members will instruct you to move forward for the Hello Session and Group Photo.
2. A staff member will count 10-12 people at a time. For the Hello Session, you will walk by the artist and wave to the members then head to an open chair that is furthest down.
  • you DO NOT get to pick your seat, you just fill up the next available seat open.
  • you DO NOT get to pick which group of people or photo you are in.
  • you CANNOT STOP OR ARGUE WITH OUR STAFF and disrupt the entire fan engagement to try and change your group because of reasons like wanting to be in the photo with your friends or having a certain seat. 
3. Once everyone is sitting we will get ready for the Group Photo. The Photographer will take TWO PICTURES but only ONE will be posted! 
4. The Photographer will count "1, 2, 3" and then take the picture. Please make sure you are paying attention for the picture. 
5. After the picture is taken you will stand up and exit back to where you were standing previously.


1. Once all fans have went though the fan engagement, staff will clear the area.
2. Staff and volunteers will then go through the fans and let people move to where they would like to be in the venue for the concert in Queue Number Order. There will be NO running or pushing as fans are not allowed to move until a staff member checks their Queue Number.