SANTIAGO - DKB Snapshot Tickets

$ 468

Ticket Limits: There is a 10 ticket total limit per member

An additional fee has been added per ticket as the service fee.

Event Date 

[After the Concert] Sun. October 2


Teatro Coliseo


Our fan favorite signature Pick-A-Pose Snapshot Session is exclusively offered by Studio PAV! Our Snapshot Session is where ANY Ticket Holder can take a 1 on 1 instant pictue with the individual members of the group.

Fans will be able to pick one pose for a chosen artist member per Snapshot ticket and the picture will be taken on our polaroid camera.

Snapshot Tickets are sold separately and available to purchase for any ticket holder!

Important Event Info:

By purchasing snapshot tickets for this event, fans agree to follow all regulations found in Important Event Info for the concert ticket for this tour's city stop. Fans MUST purchase a concert ticket in order to partake in DKB's Snapshot Session after the concert. 

In addition, fans understand that NO recording / taking pictures is allowed during Snapshot session or any physical contact with the artist outside from partaking in the fan engagement. Fans must wear masks through the entirety of the event.

Snapshot ticket pickup will be available before and after the show.

For further detail regarding these specification please see the following.





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