Excited to meet Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsung!? Check out the information below to prepare for N.FLYING LIVE USA TOUR [DWUW].

Show day schedule is provided through our social media Studio PAV. Please be aware of the time schedule to not miss any fan engagements and when doors officially open for show time! Fans will enter the venue according to their tier.


  1.  VVIP ticket holders that miss their door times will not be allowed another opportunity of the missed fan engagements with the artist.
  2. VVIP tickets includes the perk NO LINE RULE to prevent overnight camping. You will be lined up for fan engagements and enter the venue according to your queue number. Your queue number has already been assigned. It is NOT first come, first serve basis
  3. A tour poster will be provided for N.FLYING LIVE USA TOUR [DWUW] for the fansign fan engagement. You are allowed to bring an album if you wish for that to be signed. Only 1 item is allowed to be signed, Album or Tour Poster that we provide, NOT BOTH or any other item such as badge, shirt, etc. 
  4. Group Photos will be available 2-3 weeks after the tour has concluded. Please follow our social media in order to be updated as we will make an announcement once group photos are available. 

Detail information regarding our fan engagements check out : HERE 



  1. Tour Poster will be provided during entrance into the venue.
  2. VIP ticket holders will enter the venue after VVIP has all entered.
  3. VIP ticket holder will enter on a first-come-first-serve basis.


1. T3 & T4 will enter the venue after VIP has all entered respectively.
T3 will enter after VIP
T4 will enter after T3

2. T3/ T4 Ticket holders will enter on a first-come-first-serve basis


  1. There is a strict limit of 1 Premium Snapshot Ticket and 3 Standard Snapshot tickets per member per city. This is the max amount of tickets that is redeemable per show day.
  2. Snapshot tickets will be marked during check-in to meet our strict limit.
  3. Once tickets have been picked up, we are not responsible of any loss, misplacement, etc nor will replacements for the snapshot tickets be provided.
  4. Premium Snapshot pictures will be taken first followed by Standard Snapshot. 
  5. A QR is provided within each snapshot ticket which will provide a detailed snapshot guideline along with each member's available pose.
  6. After Last Call has been called and the artist has left the Snapshot Session, the artist will NOT come back. Please make sure to listen to announcements made during the Snapshot Session to know what line to go to.
  7. No Hugging or touching with the artist is allowed. 

Detail information regarding snapshot and what is and not allowed, check out: HERE



  1. We do not allow any kind of cameras into our concerts. Only cell phones. This means DLSRs, Point and Shoot, Polaroid, Disposable and any kind of professional cameras with detachable lenses and camcorders are not allowed.
  2. Stools, step stools or anything similar is prohibited for our shows.
  3. If caught, check out our FAQ and Terms & Conditions for further detail.



  1. All sales on kpoptickets.com are final unless the event has been canceled or you contacted us within the 24 hour grace period for cancellation, no exceptions. 
  2. For customer support inquiries regarding the event, please contact TICKETS@STUDIOPAV.COM 
  3. Please refer for our FAQ and Terms and Conditions for further/detail information or our fan engagement, Snapshot, show day, prohibited items, etc to avoid any inconvenience.