1. Fans who purchased their tickets will pick up their tickets during Check-In. You need 1 scannable QR code for each Snapshot Ticket you purchased.
  • If you do not pick up your snapshot ticket during check-in you can pick it up before the snapshot session begins after the concert.
2. After the concert everyone who does not have a ticket will leave. You must have your physical snapshot ticket or you have to leave the venue. You cannot wait for your friends.
3. We will push fans to the back of the venue to set everything up. While waiting you will SCAN the QR code on your ticket and look at the poses for each member. 
4. We will have 5 lines, one for each member. Each line will have a photographer using out Polaroid Cameras.
5. Premium Ticket Holders will go first. After ALL Premium Ticket Holders take their pictures we will line everyone up who has standard tickets.
  • If you have BOTH Premium and Standard, keep in mind you will not take both together. ALL and ONLY Premium Ticket Holders will take their pictures first. Once everyone is done, Premium Ticket Holders will leave if they do not have a Standard Ticket. Then Standard Ticket Holders will line up.
5. Standard Ticket Holders will then get on line for the member you have a ticket for.
6. When you get to the front of the line, you will tell the photographer the pose you want. The photographer will tell the member your pose and you will step up to the member
7. You will take your picture and then the photographer will give you your Polaroid.
8. If you have tickets for other member, you will simply get on line for the other member and repeat this process until you no longer have ticket.
9. When a member has ZERO people on his line waiting to take a picture, we will make a LAST CALL ANNOUNCEMENT. If you have that member's ticket that we are making a last call for, then you need to exit the current line you are on and head to them.
10. We will call FINAL CALL for a member 3 times, and if nobody comes to his line then that member is FINISHED and will be done for the night.
11. After you take your Polaroid Picture please make sure to check that it is okay. If there are any defects with the image that could have been cause by the film (the image did not come out) the photographer (the picture was too dark) or the artist (they were blinking or not looking at camera) then that could qualify for a retake. If you believe your picture qualifies for a retake, please find a staff member. They will make the final decision if you can retake the photo. If approved, they will sign your photo and you will use that photo as your ticket to take a new one.
  • WE CANNOT FIX, AND YOU CANNOT RETAKE YOUR PHOTO ONCE YOU LEAVE THE VENUE. For example, if you go home and see that your picture if too dark, there is nothing that we can do to help at this point as you MUST notify us before you leave the venue.